Breakfast Swipe

Most important meal of the day, Baby. Time to make a balanced breakfast by matching three — swiping your finger over matching food items of 3 or that are left/right, up/down or diagonal.

Breakfast swipe needed something quirky but catchy. And fun — games need fun.

Breakfast Swipe

Justin Time

Kids interactive house zinc Roe asked Mediagloss to create the music and sound for the Justin Time interactive experience, including a series of ten interactive games — a convergence that dovetails with the Justin Time cartoons on Disney Channels. The games are developed in English and French and take Justin and his imaginary friend, Squigy, “on bite-size historical adventures from building a giant stone monolith to a balloon journey in Paris to a Wild West wagon train.”

Justin Time on Disney

Cupcake Dash

Run your own cupcake stand and make cupcakes based off of your customers’ orders. Make them quickly for a bigger tip! Serve customers in your neighborhood and then progress to Paris and even a fantasy Candyland!

This is always a fun style to write.

Cupcake Dash at Android Market

VIP Life

ngmoco:) and its mobile social gaming platform mobage hooked up with Box of Robots to create VIP Life, a brand new android game that may revolutionize the check in.
VIP Life for Mobage – Android Market

VIP Life Medley by Brian McBrearty

BioGems by MochiMedia

MochiGames has launched its first in-house produced game, BioGems. This was fun. Great team. More to come.

“Mochi Media is proud to present this fast-paced action fighter with match-3 gameplay! Featuring awesome animations, sound effects, powerups and bosses, this is sure to be one of the most intense action puzzle experiences you’ll play in a while! Choose from multiple characters to travel through space and beat up on some baddies. Make sure to keep an eye on your health and special meter to unleash the most powerful attack across the galaxy!”

BioGems by Brian McBrearty

Stella and Sam: Backyard at Twilight

Another beautiful combination of story telling and games for kids with beautiful art, voiceovers from the tv show actors, and adorable characters. I’ve probably said it before, but it’s just nice working on things that your own kids like to play over and over.
Stella and Sam Apps

Stella and Sam: Rainy Days & Rainbows

More of the same from ZincRoe and Stella and Sam, which is to say, “cuteness,” and other nice words that make you pleased to have been involved.

Stella and Sam Apps

Stella and Sam Interactive Adventure for iPad.

Hard to overstate how cool and charming this iPad app is. Stella and Sam are animated, walking and talking, like the tv show and then it transitions to a game that invites you into the story. Then after you’ve dug around in the snow for a bit with Stella and Sam, you return to the story telling part, and so forth. A great use of iPad. Nice to be involved.
Into The Snow.